Special Cover Design

The covers are specially designed to form a natural “water-seal” with the shoulder of the pan when cooking on low heat. This is the secret of successfully cooking the minimum moisture way. This self-sealing feature helps to retain the food moisture with its valuable minerals and delicious flavors.

Easy to Clean

The smooth, hard finish of surgical stainless steel is easy to keep new and shining. With proper use, ordinary washing will keep it immaculately clean. It rinses sparkling bright in seconds and stays beautiful. Dishwasher Safe.

Cooking is done with economical low heat. Just like insulation in your house, this cookware saves a lot of money over the years on utility bills. The built-in steam control valve whistles like a tea kettle to let you know when to turn the heat down from medium to low or simmer.

Self Storing Lids
Simply invert the cover, nest it in the proper pan and hang or stack your cookware.
Phenolic Handles and Knobs

Cool, comfortable, handles provide a firm, secure grip. Sockets are welded, won’t turn, loosen or collect dirt. Stainless steel lock washers keep handles tight. Stainless steel flame guards, between handle and pan, protect all handles from direct heat. Exquisitely styled cover knobs are designed for easy no-slip grasp and have a finger guard on top of the cover.

Warp-Resistant Bottoms

Special design of the bottom of each pan provides extra strength and rigidity that prevents warping. The pans stay flat and hug the burner for maximum safe heating efficiency during the cooking process. All pans (not lids) are oven safe to 350º. Never use under a broiler.

Healthier, Tastier Meals

With 12 Element Cookware you will enjoy a wonderful new method of cooking. Foods cooked the modern, minimum moisture way help retain the greatest percentage of nature’s health-giving minerals and vitamins; elements which are dissolved in water are boiled away when cooked in water. The greatest favor you can do for your family is to prepare food that provides maximum nourishment. Foods cooked the low heat, minimum moisture way have more flavor. Vegetables and fruits retain appetizing colors ... meats can be roasted on top of the stove and become tender, juicy and delicious. You can cook without oil or grease for lower cholesterol.

Save Time
Less foor shrinkage and less fuel used in cooking
Consider our Avantages and Superior Features

Save Money
Elimates "pot watching" and stirring
Save Work
Easy to clean, dishwasher safe. You can cook vegetables or fruits without peeling
Save Vitamins and Minerals
Scientific studies document that waterless cooking saves vitamins and minerals.
Savor and Improve Flavor
Foods cook in thier own natural jucies and taste better.

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